Most dietary supplements within the health world are an entire waste of cash.

Some dietary supplements aren’t even absorbed effectively, making for some costly urine![1]

Others, like “weight reduction drugs,” can truly be outright harmful.[2]

Nevertheless, there are a few dietary supplements which might be an exception to this rule.

And a kind of dietary supplements is creatine.

Creatine is among the hottest and examined health dietary supplements in the marketplace.

Technically, it’s an amino acid by-product, however you don’t really want to know that.

That’s, until you’re a chemist.

We get a great deal of questions right here at Nerd Health on utilizing creatine accurately, so in the present day I’ll leap proper in and provide the low down.

We’ll talk about every thing it’s essential to learn about this complement:

  • What precisely is creatine?
  • When you had been to take creatine, how a lot do you have to use?
  • What time of day is greatest for taking creatine?
  • What are a number of the greatest creatine dietary supplements in the marketplace?

Let’s go!


Creatine is a naturally occurring substance present in muscle tissue.

Proper now you may have creatine, particularly creatine phosphate, in your physique. All vertebrate animals do.  

Sure, even corgis.

Consider creatine as an vitality reserve your physique faucets into when it wants a lift. Or like, an additional vitality tank in Metroid or Mega Man.

Our our bodies naturally produce creatine in our liver, pancreas, and kidneys.

We additionally acquire it from sure meals, as a result of all vertebrate animals comprise creatine of their muscular tissues.

So when you eat meat, you’re getting further creatine in your eating regimen. Pink meat specifically (beef, lamb bison), has the very best ranges of dietary creatine.

(Don’t eat meat? Cool. Read our plant-based guide.)

Outdoors of eating regimen, folks typically complement with creatine. It’s one of many extra well-liked dietary supplements taken, and in reality, is THE hottest complement taken amongst school athletes.[3]

The explanation folks complement with creatine: the extra creatine you eat – whether or not by diet or supplementation – the extra will likely be present in your muscular tissues.

Why do you have to care? What does creatine do, precisely?


Science time! To debate supplementing creatine with any justice, we have to speak about ATP.

All cells depend on adenosine triphosphate (ATP) for vitality. It’s our physique’s vitality forex.

Kind of like “Mana” in World of Warcraft or Magic: The Gathering, ATP is a gas tank for doing superior issues like operating, doing pull-ups, or summoning lighting.

However very similar to “Mana,” ATP will be replenished solely so shortly by your physique. With intense sufficient train, you’ll use extra ATP than your physique can produce. Which implies you’ll run out.

It’s why folks can solely dash at 100% most effort for a brief period of time. You simply plain run out of juice, or ATP.

And relying on how you’re exercising, your physique will replenish its ATP by certainly one of 3 ways:

  • Lower than 10 seconds, for workouts like brief sprints or heavy lifting, ATP is replenished with creatine phosphate saved in muscle tissue.
  • 30 seconds to 2 minutes, for actions like swimming just a few laps, ATP is replenished with glycogen present in your muscular tissues.
  • Larger than 2 minutes, ATP is replenished with oxygen and glucose. You’ll be able to consider endurance actions for this stage.

I get it, there’s a LOT extra to it than that (The three methods typically mix into one another, so it’s not so clear reduce).[4]

Why I convey all of this up: your physique can shortly convert creatine to ATP (in seconds).

This implies the extra creatine you may have saved in your muscular tissues, the longer you’ll be able to make the most of the phosphagen system – brief and intense vitality – to provide ATP.

It’s math: the extra creatine you eat, the extra will likely be present in your muscular tissues. The extra creatine you may have in your muscular tissues, the longer it is best to be capable to dash at max effort (or raise heavy, and many others.).

Granted, there’s a degree the place your muscular tissues turn out to be saturated with creatine and your physique can’t maintain anymore.

We’ll speak about dosage and absorption charges shortly. However first…


There’s good proof to recommend that creatine supplementation does, in reality, permit for longer intervals of intense train by serving to to provide extra ATP. [5]

One such examine discovered that supplementing with creatine for 28 days allowed customers to extend their bike dash by 15% and bench press efficiency by 6%.[6]

That is usually why folks complement with creatine. When you can produce extra vitality for extra intense workouts, you’ll be able to exercise more durable.

As an alternative of stopping at 10 reps due to exhaustion, maybe you’ll be able to squeeze out that 11th rep if you’re storing extra creatine. Or as an alternative of slowing down your dash at 10 seconds, you retain going till 12.

When you’re trying to enhance bodily, with the ability to obtain another rep or just some extra seconds of a dash will be important.

Creatine has a boatload of different advantages too:

Cell signaling. Creatine has been proven to extend satellite tv for pc cell signaling, which helps your physique talk its “wants” higher. I personally image a little bit cell crying out “assist me, I’m damaged” when excited about cell signaling. Nevertheless, enhancements in cell communication can have an effect on muscle restore and development.[7]

Mobile hydration. Creatine helps your muscular tissues retain water, which helps them work extra effectively.[8] Hydrated muscular tissues carry out higher than dehydrated muscular tissues, so creatine as a efficiency enhancer appears applicable.

Muscle development. Creatine supplementation has been proven to extend the hormone IGF-1, which is required for muscle development.[9] In truth, the Worldwide Society and Sports activities Vitamin states “Creatine monohydrate is the simplest ergogenic dietary complement at present obtainable to athletes by way of rising high-intensity train capability and lean physique mass throughout coaching.”[10]

Don’t get thrown off by the “creatine monohydrate.” We’ll speak about kinds of creatine shortly. Simply know that creatine has been proven to assist in muscle development.

Mind well being. Whereas not technically a muscle, your mind shops creatine. Can extra saved creatine assist with mind well being?

There’s analysis and proof that means some circumstances like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and epilepsy can all be helped by supplementing with creatine.[11] A creatine complement may additionally assist with reminiscence and cognition within the aged.[12]

Additionally, I’ve to focus on this examine linking creatine supplementation with working reminiscence and intelligence.[13] This is sensible as a result of your mind additionally makes use of ATP, which keep in mind, creatine helps produce.[14]

All of those research are going to result in a pure query…


Using creatine has been “extensively studied,” which makes my job of recommending it simple.[15]

The Worldwide Society of Sports activities Vitamin analyzed over 500 research on creatine utilization and concluded: “There isn’t any scientific proof that the short- or long-term use of creatine monohydrate has any detrimental results on in any other case wholesome people.”  

Nevertheless, we must always acknowledge there’s anecdotal proof that taking creatine may cause kidney injury, dehydration, diarrhea, and an upset abdomen.[16]

Kidney injury can be essentially the most critical of those, let’s speak about that particularly for a second.

Once more, no examine has been capable of confirm the declare of organ injury, and kidney operate with creatine supplementation has been checked out particularly.[17]

Nevertheless, if in case you have a historical past of kidney issues, it is perhaps a good suggestion to speak to a physician earlier than you begin supplementing with creatine. Higher protected than sorry.

The opposite concern can be dehydration and diarrhea, which truly may need a straightforward trigger and resolution.

I discussed earlier that taking creatine might help with muscle hydration. As a result of your muscular tissues are holding onto extra water, this leaves much less water for different locations. So when you begin taking creatine, you also needs to improve your water consumption!

Shoot for 16-18 ounces of water (a half liter) for each 5 grams of creatine you’re taking. We’ll commit a whole part to dosage in only a second.

It also needs to be famous, that being dehydrated places further stress in your kidneys. It could possibly additionally trigger diarrhea.

Drink water.


The explanation creatine is so well-liked is due to its influence on athletic efficiency.

So that you can obtain most the advantages of supplementing creatine, you’ll have to work out. The creatine gained’t raise that barbell for you.

The fascinating factor about creatine: almost any kind of bodily efficiency has been linked to enchancment when mixed with creatine supplementation:

Power coaching. When you’re trying to develop robust, you need to lift heavy. Taking creatine has been proven to extend muscle energy.[18] In different phrases, taking creatine might help you raise barely heavier or barely extra. When you do that constantly, you may begin to obtain good points sooner than you’ll with out creatine supplementation.

That is the primary purpose folks take creatine.

Endurance. Regardless of creatine’s recognition for energy coaching, it can be used as a device for endurance athletes. That’s as a result of creatine has been proven to extend glycogen shops.[19] When you keep in mind our instance from earlier on totally different metabolic methods to replenish ATP, you’ll recall that glycogen is a medium to long run vitality supply.

That means the extra glycogen you may have, the longer you’ll be able to run. When you’re trying into enhancing an endurance sport, creatine is perhaps price testing.

Restoration. Creatine has been proven to assist cut back irritation and muscle soreness.[20] Shorter restoration instances, means you may get again to coaching sooner. Extra fitness center time can equal a stronger you.

Nobody likes being overtly sore. Creatine could assist a little bit right here.

Whenever you begin to study extra about creatine, it is sensible why so many athletes take this complement.

Nevertheless, I do want to say majority of the advantages of creatine supplementation kick in with the conjunction of an everyday train observe.

Dietary supplements should be mixed with strong exercise! You don’t get huge muscular tissues or sooner speeds from solely protein and creatine.

They have to be mixed with a correct coaching program!

When you’re not fairly certain the way to get going, I’ve received just a few assets for you.

The primary is our Beginner Bodyweight Workout.

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To date this text has kind of come out as an commercial for creatine supplementation.

Whereas there are lots of nice advantages of creatine, and never a lot in the best way of research displaying hurt, we have to speak about one potential draw back.


Since creatine helps you keep water, you may really feel a little bit bloated after taking it. Granted, hydrated cells carry out higher. However it may possibly nonetheless be uncomfortable and cosmetically unappealing to carry onto a bunch of water.

The dosage and timing of taking creatine is perhaps an element, which we’ll speak about quickly.

Nevertheless, if bloating continues to the purpose that it’s interfering along with your life, cease supplementing with creatine.

Talking of creatine challenges, there’s additionally the concern that taking an excessive amount of creatine might upset your abdomen.[21]

We’ll get to correct dosage of creatine in only a second, which could resolve this.

It needs to be famous, that sure kinds of creatine are bought as “anti-bloating” and “simple on the abdomen.”

Let’s speak about sorts and types of creatine proper now, by trying into these claims.


Creatine truly exists in a number of varieties. We’ll go over each briefly, plus give our advice on which sort to take.

We’ll then depart you with a model or two to check out.

First, some various kinds of creatine:

Creatine Monohydrate is the most typical, and thus essentially the most studied type of creatine.

It’s basically a creatine molecule and a water molecule mixed.

This might be the type of creatine we advocate. After we talk about the advantages and security of creatine, we imply creatine monohydrate, as a result of it’s the shape that finally ends up being utilized in analysis.[22]

If there’s a draw back to creatine monohydrate, it could be that your physique may need hassle absorbing all of it.[23] Which implies you’ll be able to pee lots of it out. When folks promote different kinds of creatine, they’ll usually declare their model has a greater absorption fee.

Creatine Ethyl Ester is regarded as absorbed into the physique simpler than creatine monohydrate. There could also be some proof that is true.[24]

Nevertheless, on the subject of physique composition, creatine monohydrate nonetheless seems to be to be superior.[25]

Creatine Hydrochloride is one other type of creatine that’s touted as being absorbed simpler than creatine monohydrate. You’ll additionally see claims that it gained’t make you bloated.

Early proof could again a number of the claims of higher absorption charges, however I might maintain off on this type of creatine till extra research are finished on its security.[26]

Buffered creatine makes an attempt to unravel the abdomen points which might be anecdotally reported as a aspect impact of creatine consumption. This type of creatine is blended with an alkaline powder, with makes an attempt to make it simpler to digest. To date research on the outcomes of those advantages are blended.[27]

Once more, for now, I’d keep away from buffered creatine till the analysis concludes its security.

Hopefully, I satisfied you to stay with creatine monohydrate. Once more, it’s essentially the most examined model of creatine there’s, which makes it essentially the most really helpful.[28]

Need some suggestions on manufacturers?

The model of creatine monohydrate I personally take: Bulk Supplements.

dotFIT is one other good model so that you can check out. MyProtein additionally carries a good choice. Each of these are creatine monohydrate choices.

If you’re going to take creatine, take creatine monohydrate. Which results in the subsequent query…


The query “How a lot creatine ought to I take?” will lead us to the subject of creatine loading.

The speculation on creatine loading goes like this: at first, you’ll wish to take extra creatine so your muscular tissues begin storing it in higher portions. Then you’ll be able to taper off, as your muscular tissues will already be saturated to their max with creatine phosphate.

Research have proven that is the simplest method to improve creatine ranges in muscle.[29]

Notice, your outcomes could differ, although the technique under is effectively researched. Do what works greatest for you! I’m no physician, nor do I play one on TV.

For five days, eat 20 grams of creatine per day to ‘load’ your muscular tissues. After this era, then you’ll be able to go to three to five grams of creatine per day.

When you’re involved about taking 20 grams of creatine a day (extra will not be vital or helpful), the opposite technique can be to simply take three to five grams of creatine a day. In three to 4 weeks your creatine shops will likely be full.[30]

In case you have abdomen points with 20 grams a day, neglect about loading. Stick to three to five grams a day and also you’ll be advantageous.

That is the technique I make use of: 5 grams of creatine on coaching days blended in a small quantity of water, consumed like a shot, instantly following my exercise.

Which leads us to…


Research demonstrating the perfect time of day to take creatine are blended.

In terms of “Ought to I take creatine earlier than or after my train?” this examine confirmed it didn’t actually matter.[31]

It is perhaps as much as your private desire on whether or not to take creatine earlier than or after your coaching.

Nevertheless, there’s proof it is best to take creatine someplace shut to once you train.

One examine cut up topics into two teams. The primary supplemented with creatine instantly earlier than and instantly after their train. The opposite took creatine very first thing within the morning and once more at evening.

The examine discovered the primary group gaining essentially the most muscle and energy.[32]

I might advocate taking creatine both earlier than or after your coaching observe. Possibly cut up your consumption and perform a little little bit of each. Take a mix with you to the fitness center, begin consuming it earlier than figuring out and end it proper after.

On relaxation days, when you’re taking creatine issues much less. The purpose of taking creatine on a relaxation day is to maintain the creatine phosphate content material of your muscular tissues raised for once you do exercise subsequent.

Take it every time it’s handy on relaxation days. However take it near once you exercise on a coaching day.


You don’t want to complement with creatine.

When you’re consuming a diverse eating regimen that features a little little bit of meat, you’ll be consuming and constructing loads of creatine.

Our stance at Nerd Health: if in case you have a nutritious diet, you don’t want to fret about any kind of supplementation. Consuming nutrient dense meals like greens, fruits, and meat will offer you all it’s essential to thrive.

Nevertheless, if you’re energy coaching and trying to maximize your good points, a creatine complement is perhaps price trying into.

There’s first rate proof in help of it permitting folks to extend their athletic efficiency.[33]

And the entire downsides of creatine don’t seem like supported by the information.[34] Though to be honest, extra long run research will likely be welcome on the protection of creatine supplementation.[35]

Nevertheless, simply to be protected, if in case you have any historical past of kidney hassle, be sure you discuss to a physician first earlier than you begin supplementing with creatine.

Okay, I feel that about wraps up the article on creatine.

Now I wish to hear from you:

Do you may have expertise taking creatine? What outcomes did you see?

Does it sound like I’m being sponsored by the complement trade? Or am I not praising creatine sufficient?

What different dietary supplements would you want me to look into?


PS: As a reminder, when you’re trying to take creatine for a lift in athletic efficiency, it’s essential to truly prepare. When you don’t know the place to begin, we might help! We provide a 1-on-1 Online Coaching program to assist busy nerds similar to you stage up their lives.

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